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A Short Story.


Kids are the sweetest people on earth. They are delicate yet wonderful children. They are small yet have big innocent heart. They are loved. This is how the musician couple Dhinz & Shiela describe children. They play music for people. They were classmates in Music college.They love music and kids!  That is why they gave birth to a new school for the arts especially for the kids.


Besides offering music lessons in Metro Manila, they founded the vocal and string group, the 'Sweet Blends Music Ensemble'. They are truly talented musicians who have been performing for events especially weddings since 2008. Shiela, having that great love for kids aimed to build a preschool music program. She dared to dream it even if the lack of capital is their biggest challenge. Little by little they bought the needed instruments and materials for a school. The couple found their current home convertible to school. They loved the idea and the process of making a homey school for the kids. They sufficed it with necessary educational instruments. They are proud to have upright pianos, violins, cello, guitars and Orff percussion instruments and some educational toys in the classroom. Most of all, they are professional performing musicians and teachers. This what makes them competitive from other preschool music classes in the Metro.


Dhinz and Shiela have been tandem for music and business for a decade. They dream of making the school big and beautiful from starting small on their own first. But to get there they should start first from what tangible things they can offer and from where they are. But what they can do with their skills and experiences in honing the students are big enough to share now. For them, a beautiful classroom is where kids and adults lights it up with smiles and laughters. What matters most are the great skills they have that are more compelling when combined and shared to people. Kids and adults shall truly have fun while they learn. 


Their school is now on it's third year and they continue to innovate and grow. Their love for kids, the passion and talent for the arts has been always their core. Most of all, they shall rock the nation with their advocacy.


Shiela Advincula- Jornales

Pianist-Singer/Music Teacher

Bachelor of Music

Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) Passer

Music Skills:

Pop, Broadway & Jazz Singing, Piano/Keyboard (by ear or "ouido" & by notes)

Ukulele, Guitar and Violin

Work Background:

Church Choir keyboardist/director, 1995-2004 (since she was 14 years old)

Assistant Teacher for 3 to 6-year old kids, The Village Montessori, Naga City, 2002-2004

Music Teacher & Choir director/keyboardist at Assumption College, Makati, 2004-2006

Recording Artist: Let it Fall song under Access2Love Album under Access 2 MYusik label, 2008

Recent Certifications:

Stress Coach Certificate: Complete Coaching System -  June 9, 2017

Currently pursuing Montessori teaching certification July 2, 2018-July 2, 2019

Dhinz Jornales

Cellist/Violinist/Music Teacher

Bachelor of Music

Music Skills:

Cello, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele, Banduria, Keyboard, Drums

Can play by ear and notes

-Tagged by his musician friends as 'one-man band'

Work Background:

Philippine Airforce Cellist, 2004-2006

Music Tutor, International School of Brunei, 2007-2008

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"They have been gigging with their own ensemble and have been a favorite band of wedding couples and coordinators. Teacher Shiela decided to stopped performing and decided to pursue her musical ambition with young children. She always says, she misses performing and she likes to perform again when her time permits but she loves spending with children more. Truly highly skilled musicians."

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#28 Veraville Executive Homes, 

Alabang Zapote Road, Pamplona 2,

Las Piñas, Metro Manila


Mobile no. 09280837925/09152951453

© 2016 by Prodigy School of Music & Arts. 

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