Early Childhood Music Playgroup

What makes your music class different from Kindermusik, Music Together or Gymboree?

Our class is enriched with music activities led by professional musicians and teachers. The music is mostly played live accompanied on a piano or guitar or ukulele. This gives them inspirations and build their musical ambition at early age. Kids 3-5 years old are taught to play melodies on the pitched bells and xylophone already. Ukulele is being introduced in 4-5yo class. Kids are being exposed and introduced to a number of real instruments. We use Orff approach in Music Education and we also create our own lesson plans integrating current music trends. If you want to target child's musical learning without neglecting academic skills, select the school with professional and highly skilled music and early childhood educators. The teachers are highly skilled and they arrange music to play for them.  Our music program runs for 1 to 1.5 hour or so. We also have varied educational materials during their free play. Currently, we are innovating and integrating new learning model in the class, like our teacher-parent collaboration or we call cooperative playgroup. 

Besides music, what will my child learn in your class?

Academic learning as to reading and basic math is integrated in the music and art activities. One example is learning about clock  and number counting with Hickory dickory dock nursery song with the use of triangle music instrument. This music integration enhance effective learning, increase retention and comprehension. This one is a sample video:  

How do you keep such young children focused for an hour or so?

This is sometimes hard for some 2 year olds. But most of the time, majority of the children just become so responsive with music activities. Who does not love music anyway? Some may get distracted. Sometimes, they just want to listen or passively listen while they roam around. But we keep motivating them. The teacher's strategy is to give them with a variety of fun filled activities and she's the most energetic in the class!

At what age can my child start?

Babies can attend the class for 1 and 2 year-old group. But we are also opening classes for babies 3 months to 12 months old soon.

How many are there in the class?

We maintain the small class size of up to 8 kids only as we also invite parent/caregiver in the class. 

I have children of different ages, what can you offer for them?

You can put them together in one class, better select the eldest group. If you have one young child that you do not wish to enroll but just has to carry her with you, she can join the class for free. 

Can we pay weekly or monthly? 

Our teachers concentrate on provided top quality classes and having the kids able to play as one ensemble, paying in advance and committing to a semestral term makes this possible. Children and adults attending the same class every week will get to know everyone and feel part of a team – this is good for them – and for the teacher who will know each child really well as time goes on.   For certain classes and in certain circumstances we can offer more flexibility however, so if paying for a whole term is not an option, you should contact our office. 

Are the parents/guardian allowed inside the class? 

Yes, we encourage you to join! Besides, our cooperative playgroup for academics will be available soon and if you wish to participate in this program, this is really beneficial in the child's learning especially when you are homeschooling them. 

Can we hold birthday party in your classroom?

Yes, a simple one is encouraged. Chocolates are okay in this occasion. But please bring paper plates, cups and plastic utensils, etc., for them as we are not yet ready with these materials yet. 

Is your class a mixed-age one? 

The class is a mix of 2 ages, ex. 1-2yo, 2-3yo, 3-4yo and 4-5yo. We have seen good benefits with this structure like of a Montessori setting. 

My child is very active and can't sit still. Will this be distracting? Will he still benefit from this class?

Each child will approach the class activity using his or her own unique learning style and developmental stage. We respect all learning styles.  Some children learn through watching and listening, while others like to touch or just be up moving.  Every child is different. However, we motivate them always and also encourage the adult to participate in class and to monitor their child’s safety. Adult modeling is so important that each adult should do their best to relax and have fun! Sometimes, talk to the child outside the room and remind him about participating in the class. The teacher will do this when the parent is not around. 

My child is shy. Should I wait until she is ready or older for the program?

No. Each child will approach the music and movement activities using his or her own unique learning style and developmental stage. Some children are auditory or visual learners. Many parents report how their child watches in class, but does everything at home. Children learn very differently than we do. But regardless of learning style, your child is absorbing everything. Keep playing the music and singing at home. Your positive modeling will make a lasting impact on your child and give your child encouragement to participate.

How will my infant benefit from your class?

Babies begin feeling the beat in their little bodies from the earliest age, and they are amazing! By the time they start to walk, they are already moving to the beat. All children are born with music intelligence or music ability. The best time to nurture this innate talent is at birth. Research shows us that musical intelligence will atrophy if not stimulated. An environment abundant in musical experiences and activities will sustain your baby’s musical gifts. In addition, this is a wonderful time for musical bonding with your baby. Babies do just fine in either an infant music class or a mixed-age class setting.  Your teacher will help you adjust the activities.

Is this class worth the investment?

With music, the answer is always, YES. :)

Why is your class only meet once a week?

For years, I have seen the benefits of music class to children and many parents have seen the great impact of music on their kids with just once a week class. Twice or more is better but we want each family to spend the rest of their week on other learning activities like ballet, karate or formal academic tutorial. Some parents take their child to go on a trip or travel. Most of the parents enrolling their kids for music playgroup don't want to engage their child yet on regular preschool yet, so their best option is a music class where their child will get to socialize while having fun. Naturally, kids are musically responsive, since they began to feel the beat inside the mother's womb. More importantly, once a week class serves as a relaxed introduction to school setting, especially with our place that is homey and family-friendly, which makes it a good transition to regular school. Another thing that we consider is once a week class is honestly highly economical. This will help parents have a better preparation for their child's preschool education at the right age- financially, intellectually, emotionally and socially. 

Will my child learn to play an instrument? Will she learn to read music?

Our class experience focuses on experiential learning. Our goal is not formal reading. We immerse the children in music by engaging them in developmentally ­appropriate activities. When children jump, twist, wiggle, dance and sing, they are beginning to internalize the basic skills of keeping beat and singing in tune. Once these skills are mastered, children are ready to move on to the formal skills of reading and writing music. Our 3-5 year olds already play melodies on pitched bells, xylophone, ukulele etc., making use of numbers and letters for music reading. If a member of the group cannot cope up, we assign her another instrument that she is most interested at. 

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes, please check on our Event tab at our Facebook page for Free trial schedules. Or message us to schedule for one. 

Is my child too old for the group they are joined in?

Everyone, even a parent is never too old to learn and make music even with the most basic. You will all agree that you also learn from their class. So, it does not really matter even if your 8-year old child joins her sister in her class. :) 

Do you follow a curriculum? 

We are a registered user of a music education organization in United Kingdom and I follow their curriculum, use their songs and lesson plans. But as creative teachers, we modify the lesson plans also. Being the first local brand for early childhood music playgroup in the Philippines, every activity is carefully researched and chosen. We are innovating and expanding as many parents are loving our program. 

Why do you have a low price compared to other music classes or playgroups?

Other music classes are imported brand so they are quite expensive. The price is actually not low, it is just reasonable especially for once a week class for preschoolers. So, it becomes affordable. One of our goals also is for music education to become easily available and affordable so that all talents in all walks of life can experience it. 

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