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"Children and the arts go together because the arts are a way of taking what comes naturally to children and giving it form. We all know that kids like to move, that they like to move fast and they like to move slow, even in slow motion. 

And when that movement has some form, people call it dance. We know too that they like make noise and when that noise has rhythm and melody, that's called music. And of course, they like to make marks with crayon, with pain. They like to build and to construct, to put things together. And when they do that with certain materials, that's called art. Sometimes, the art turns in to make believe, the clay sculpture becomes a hat and that's drama."


 - by Judith A. Rubin



          When kids turn 2 or even younger, parents tend to look for a playgroup for their child to keep busy. At 4 years old, they would want a preschool where academic areas are being taught. Most preschools are more focused on academics with a little integration of arts and music. In this 21st century, where the demands for innovation are high, many people believe the importance of the arts in developing creativity at a very young age. In the United States, many preschools for fine arts are rising which mainly teach music, visual and performing arts. We would like to promote these classes here in the Philippines as we recognize its importance and benefits. Our kind of preschool has built Fine Arts programs for young Filipino children where we also integrate a few of academic learning. Meet the Creative Playgroup of mixed ages having kids as young as 18 months.  



Be Creative.


          We recognize the importance of academic subjects at appropriate age. But most toddlers and some pre-kindergartners are not yet ready for it. You may find your child not able to sit still. Mostly are highly mobile and playful. They could hold a pen but are not yet interested to learn to write the ABCs, but scribble freely instead. These are natural ways for kids development.  What do we foster to our young children? -Creativity.  Creativity should not be underestimated. Children's creativity will start to develop at 18 months or earlier.  There's no doubt about it: Creativity is as natural and necessary for children as fresh air and sunshine! By exposing children to creative experiences, we give them the gift of a rich and memorable childhood while laying the foundation for a lifetime of creative expression – all topped off with a heaping helping of important learning skills. So, we build up this Creative Playgroup for our preschoolers. These are what they need. This is where they can easily express their feelings. They shall have fun while they learn through music and arts



What does our children do?


  • Sing simple songs (nursery rhymes, children's songs)

  • Learn quality singing (from classical, broadway, pop, rock to R&B)

  • Includes xylophone playing as their preparatory piano course

  • Includes Ukulele playing as their preparatory guitar course

  • Introduced to basic drama or musical theatre

  • Move and dance with music

  • Learn piano, voice and/or violin (non-formal to formal) (only from us!)

  • Draw, paint, create etc.

  • Recycle and do crafts

  • Water the plants at times

  • Learn music and arts with various academic subjects integration (like basic language and math)

  • Free play with available toys in the room, and we learn from our top educational toys. When we say top educational toys, we are referring to the best educational tool provided by our school - the Spielgaben.



What's our edge? 


Our Creative Playgroup - Music & Visual Arts + Spielgaben & Free Play

          Since, our school is run by professional and talented musicians, we do not just have a music and movement class, we nurture music literacy to our preschoolers. Toys and real music instruments are available. Kids are able to play and learn  the music instruments. There are pianos, xylophones, real Orff percussion instruments, guitar, violins, cello and other stringed instruments. For the visual arts, the school is equipped with enough art materials.  The teachers are professionals and well experienced in their field.  There's live music. We sing, we dance, we play all music instruments available, we also do drama, we paint, we do crafts, we recycle, we water the plants, at times, we feed the fish in the aquarium, we eat together, we do free play with available toys in the room, and we learn from our top educational toys. When we say top educational toys, we are referring to the best educational tool provided by our school - the Spielgaben.


Parents/grandparents/caregivers are always welcome to accompany the children. This is an opportunity for parent/s and child to bond together and create more feelings of connectivity. Some may want to leave their children to prepare them for regular preschool. A good transition from a learning playhouse to a regular preschool. You will see happy people in the room.



Our Kind of Preschool Approach:  Both Child-Directed and Teacher-Directed


          Our children are provided with both child-directed and teacher-directed activities. We balance these two approaches as we acknowledge both's benefits. 


The sample schedule below shows how we arrange child-directed and teacher-directed activities for children like 2-5 years old:


9:00 - 9:30 Arrival time and free play (child-directed)
9:30 - 10:00 Music/Art Class (teacher-directed)
10:00 - 10:30 Piano/Violin lessons/Free Play (random students provided with teacher-directed activities; some on free play or child-directed activities but with supervision)
10:30 - 10:45 Snack time
10:45 - 11:00 Gathering, Singing, Sharing stories & accomplishments, Bonding, Goodbye Song



Our Playroom


          Our room is homey and cozy. It is actually a living room and a garage converted into playroom or music-art room, but still it gives the kids a homely feel. So, one of our objectives is for children to learn with comfort as if they treat it as their second home - a home of fun and learning for the arts.  Take a peek of our playroom by clicking this album.



"Our kind of preschool is just like home where creative ideas start. 

Our kind of preschool is where children are encouraged to express their ideas and feelings. 

Creativity is our forte. 

Your children are welcome here. 

Come and play with us!"




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